dd Bubble Wrap® has been a source of fascination for people of all ages since its invention. Here is an environmentally friendly way to do what you really wanted to do with it all along: POP IT!
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Welcome to Virtual Bubble Wrap®!

Created in 1996 by OpalCat, this was formerly "The World's Best Bubble Wrap® Homepage" and it's had a number of internet homes during those years... So what is Virtual Bubble Wrap®? It's only the most fulfilling experience on the World Wide Web! All the fun of ordinary Bubble Wrap®, but when you're done, you can start over!!! These bubbles can regain their "popability" with just a click of the mouse! It's almost like magic!

OpalCat - the freak who started it all

What are you waiting for? Go pop some Bubble Wrap!®


The app is live in the Android Market! Go there now and download it!


Did someone say Shopping?The only shirt you will ever need!

dog shirtDo you want to be the best dressed person on your block? It's easy! Just check out our newly overhauled, enormous selection of "I ♥ Bubble Wrap"® apparel, bags, mugs, and other cool stuff. Sorry, we don't sell actual bubble wrap (see below).

GO NOW! What are you waiting for? It doesn't hurt to just look.

It's ok, we'll just wait here. I promise. Go on.

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day is January 24, 2011 - How did you celebrate? Email your photos to opalcat@gmail.com to be posted to our Flickr Photostream!

e-Cards are BACK! Send Virtual Bubble Wrap® to your friends!

Decorate your desktop and (new!) Droid mobile phone! It's free! Or do you want virtual Bubble Wrap® on your homepage? Download it here! (note, this is the ONLY version you have permission to use on your site!)

Link Exchange! You like to us, we'll link to you! This site gets about 30,000 hits per month, so you could get a lot of extra traffic!

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Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

See a video of Ronon, our official mascot! (He's just so cute. I will make a video of him with bubble wrap soon!)

Want to hear Bubble Wrap on your phone? Try this silly trick with the Nestlé Crunch hotline: Dial 1-800-295-0051 on your telephone. Do not choose a language option after they offer Spanish. There will be a few seconds' pause, then some sillier options. Choose option 4 for the "funner options," then choose option 3 from the funner options menu to hear Bubble Wrap! Have fun!

Feeling adventurous? Test out the new blog-style version of our site!

Bubble Wrap® Wedding Game! Check out all the guests popping Bubble Wrap® at our wedding! The chairs were decorated with Bubble Wrap®, too!

Media Buzz! Virtual Bubble Wrap® has often been mentioned in the media--proof that the world loves Bubble Wrap®! Some examples include USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, CNN Headline News, and Reuters. Visit the media page to read some of the articles!

How is Bubble Wrap® Made? I have the answer here!
Lots more info about Bubble Wrap®! I was able to ask some questions to the folks who make it and here is what they had to say!


Bubble Wrap® is a trademark of the Sealed Air Corporation. Use of the ® symbol is in reference to the "Bubble Wrap" name and not intended to be considered to include the word "Virtual" when that phrase is used on this site.. Visit their Bubble Wrap® page here!

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Want some real-life fun? Learn how to make Paper Darts!



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Disclaimer: Virtual Bubble Wrap® is a fun site with a flash game that lets you pop bubblewrap on your computer. This site is intended as humor and is not to be used to protect fragile items while transporting. We accept no responsibility for damage to your computer or belongings should you attempt to package your breakables with our virtual bubblewrap. Please enjoy our fun flash game which is a silly, strange, bizarre, weird, useless, funny, silly, mindless, time waster and stress reliever.