dd Bubble Wrap® has been a source of fascination for people of all ages since its invention. Here is an environmentally friendly way to do what you really wanted to do with it all along: POP IT!
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Media Buzz

April 26, 2004 - Fort Worth Star Telegram article about us! (our copy)

March 2004 - Glamour Magazine, page 131 lists us as a good way to relieve stress!

January 24, 1999 - Pamela Anderson Lee ranks this pamarticle.gif (10382 bytes)page as one of her favorites!

May '99, Entertainment Weekly gives this page an 'A' rating!

Internet Tonight on ZDTV chooses this page as it's "Stupid Net Trick" for the day (date?)

featured in Weird Sightings

Reuters article about this site!

May 1997, Interview and article in the Arizona Daily Star!

USAToday rates this page a Hot Site Aug 12 1998

March 21, '99 CNN Headline News profiles this page!

October 9, '99,I suppose they could mean a different virtual Bubble Wrap page, but here is a mention in the Betty comic strip!

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Disclaimer: Virtual Bubble Wrap® is a fun site with a flash game that lets you pop bubblewrap on your computer. This site is intended as humor and is not to be used to protect fragile items while transporting. We accept no responsibility for damage to your computer or belongings should you attempt to package your breakables with our virtual bubblewrap. Please enjoy our fun flash game which is a silly, strange, bizarre, weird, useless, funny, silly, mindless, time waster and stress reliever.