Pop Bubble Wrap Now!

Hey, why not get some REAL bubblewrap of your very own? (Be sure to share!)

I know this is the only reason you came :)
Pop some virtual bubblewrap now!

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Check out these awesome Bubble Wrap Calendars!



Want virtual bubblewrap on your homepage? Download it here! (note, this is the ONLY version you have permission to use on your site! Please see this note.)

Back by popular demand: the insane version of Virtual Bubblewrap

Note: this page requires the Macromedia Flash Player. Download it for free here.

Virtual bubblewrap is a free shockwave flash online game. You need the Flash player to play the online game. See how fast you can pop the bubbles in this online game. Use manic mode to pop faster and get a higher score. The top 50 high scores are periodically reset. False high scores for the virtual bubblewrap game are subject to removal. High scores list is not guaranteed to be accurate and is maintained at the whim of the Bubblemistress.