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11/23/99- Updated 01:34 PM ET

Our guide to hot sites: For Wednesday, August 12, 1998.
New sites every weekday, with an expanded weekend edition.

Preventing Heart Disease
The Healthy Refrigerator acquaints us with the "Open the Door to a Healthy Heart," a national campaign educating consumers about simple steps to take to prevent heart disease. Lots of tips on good nutrition.
Multimedia Search Engine
NEC USA, Inc. introduces a new search engine dubbed AMORE (Advanced Multimedia Oriented Retrieval Engine), designed to provide high-performance retrieval of digital visual media. See it in action courtesy of the Getty Information Institute. Access stuff from 600 selected Web sites.
Tailored Health Info
HealthScout bills itself as a free service providing original news, features and syndicated material tailored to personal health concerns. Claims an archive of more than 1,000 consumer articles, along with daily production of 15 stories. Become a member and get personalized news; the site promises confidentiality.
Hobnob Comic Strip
The comic strip Hobnob Inn not only appears in newspapers but has attracted a loyal following online. A daily offering, along with a weekly archive. You, too, may become a loyal follower.
Virtual Bubble Wrap
Work off that cyber-tension with some virtual bubble wrap. Not only is there a suitable sound effect, but you don't have to worry about running out of bubbles -- just start over. Wrap.dci

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